May 24 is International Tiara Day

international tiara dayToday is International Tiara Day, created in 2005 by Barbara Bellissimo as a one-time accompaniment to her self-improvement program Seasons of Success.

In 2008, Lynanne White of American Rose Bridal asked for and received Barbara’s permission to make International Tiara Day an annual tradition. When she discovered May 24, 1819, had been Queen Victoria’s birthday, she decided to keep the date as is.

Since 2009, May 24th has given every woman in the world who secretly dreams of being a princess the opportunity to don an obviously fake, bedazzled headband–or, in the case of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth, a priceless, jewel-encrusted symbol of divine rule.

Why not go gender-neutral? Princes wear crowns, too! So put on your physical or metaphorical tiaras, everybody and have a happy International Tiara Day!

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