January 8 is Show and Tell at Work Day

show and tell at work dayToday is Show and Tell at Work Day, created by Thomas & Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs. Remember those halcyon days of youth when you’d take something to school and show it to the class, getting jeered at for being lame or reprimanded by the teacher for bringing something mucus-related?

Relive the good old days of childhood with Show and Tell at Work Day. Encourage your coworkers to participate by bringing in something of significance to them. You can all get to know each other better and have fun in the process. (Because the Roys specified January 8th, the holiday will not always fall during the regular workweek. Reschedule at your own risk. They’re sticklers about that kind of thing.)

We feel it only prudent to share a few suggestions to ensure that you’ll still be gainfully employed the following day. Here are a few items you should probably leave at home: roadkill, chainsaws, taxidermied pets, jars of fingernail clippings, and your child’s crayon-filled stool after he wanted to find out what blue tasted like (we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt that it’s his stool).

More no-nos:  a necklace of human ears (or any ears, really), the diorama of the Nuremberg trials you made with stolen office supplies, your Civil War reenactor’s uniform (either side), adult diapers (fresh or soiled), the detonator switch of the bomb you just placed under your boss’s car, the mask you wore in a convenience store robbery, nude selfies that show your torso tattooed with the names of every coworker, and the smartphone video of you peeing into the pot of coffee everyone is now drinking.

Of course, this is only a partial list. Use your own judgment and have a happy Show and Tell at Work Day!

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