January 10 is Peculiar People Day

peculiar people dayToday is Peculiar People Day. The day itself is peculiar and raises several questions. We’ll try to help you answer them with our handy-dandy Peculiar People Day Quiz.

How should you celebrate?


1. Do you consider yourself peculiar? Yes [ ] No [ ]

(If you answered No, proceed directly to Question # 2.)

a. If you answered Yes, are you proud of that fact? Yes [ ] No [ ]

If Yes, just be yourself and have fun.

If No, just be yourself–you really can’t help it–but don’t make a fuss about it.

2. Do you know someone else who is peculiar? Yes [ ] No [ ]

(If you answered No, go back and answer Yes to Question #1.)

a. If you answered Yes, are you sure the person is aware of being peculiar? Yes [ ] No [ ]

(If No, you might’ve been the kid who liked to tell other kids there’s no Santa Claus.)

b. If Yes, are you certain the person won’t mind being called peculiar by an allegedly non-peculiar person? Yes [ ] No [ ]

If Yes, say nothing.

If No, say nothing.

Perhaps the most peculiar facet of this day is that it will probably not be any fun for those it “celebrates.” So this is one holiday we feel should be ignored or observed in secrecy by being kind to those who are different from ourselves. Shouldn’t that be something we do every day?

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