January 12 is Kiss a Ginger Day

international kiss a ginger day

Today is Kiss A Ginger Day, celebrated by kissing a redhead. (We advise you to ask permission first, especially if it’s Prince Harry; his security detail might misinterpret your enthusiasm.)

Derek Forgie created Kiss A Ginger Day on Facebook in 2009 as a “karmic counter-event” to the Kick a Ginger Facebook campaign originated in November 2008. The latter resulted in numerous assaults on redheaded kids at school.

Derek responded by declaring January 12th a holiday dedicated to showing affection  to redheads. Visit his Facebook group, pucker up (after receiving proper consent) and have a happy Kiss a Ginger Day!

If you happen to be in London, head over to the White Bear pub to celebrate with an evening of music, games, goodies and free food. The event’s only dress code requirement is “Not naked.” Drinks are discounted for all redheads including, we assume, bewigged revelers who go ginger for the evening. We’ll never tell!

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