International Bacon Day

international bacon day

Today is International Bacon Day, celebrated on the Saturday before Labor Day since 2009 as indicated on a blog which includes helpful translations for the globetrotting bacon lover:

English – Can I have some Bacon?
Dutch – Kan ik wat Bacon hebben?
French – Est-ce que je peux prendre du lard ?
German – Kann ich etwas Speck haben?
Greek – Μπορώ να έχω κάποιο μπέϊκον;
Italian – Posso avere certa pancetta affumicata?
Japanese – 私はベーコンを食べてもいいか。
Korean – 나는 약간 베이컨이 있어서 좋은가?
Portuguese – Posso eu ter algum bacon?
Russian – Могу я иметь некоторый бекон?
Spanish – ¿Puedo tener un poco de tocino?

Perhaps the ultimate celebration would involve preparation of the Bacon Explosion: a pound of basket-woven bacon wrapped around two pounds of sausage which are stuffed with a pound of fried bacon crumbles. Not in the mood to cook? Order it directly from BBQ Addicts and have a happy International Bacon Day!

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