September 21 is Miniature Golf Day

Miniature Golf Day

Schooner Miniature Golf – Saco, ME

Today is Miniature Golf Day.

The first miniature course was created in 1867 on the grounds of St. Andrews Links in Scotland. Legendary golfer Thomas “Old Tom” Norris laid out the nine-hole course over land that frequently flooded and was riddled with rabbit holes.

The course was designed for the newly-formed St. Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club, made up of wives wishing to play while waiting for their husbands. At the time, women were not allowed on the links.

The remote location kept them out of sight while the miniaturized setup ensured they would have no need to swing a golf club above their shoulders, which was considered unladylike.

In 1919, James W. Barber and Edward H. Wiswell constructed the first course in Pinehurst, NC, with the artificial obstacles and features like fountains, walkways and shrubbery that we recognize as a modern miniature golf course.

Happy Miniature Golf Day!

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