March 13 is Ear Muff Day

chester greenwood dayToday is Ear Muff Day, celebrating the date in 1877 when Chester Greenwood was awarded a patent for his “ear-mufflers.” Before long, his hometown of Farmington, Maine became the Earmuff Capital of the World, producing up to 50,000 pairs of Greenwood Champion Ear Protectors each year.

One hundred years later, the state of Maine declared December 21st—the first day of winter—to be Chester Greenwood Day. Event organizers in Farmington later moved its celebration to the first Saturday in December, in part so it would more closely correspond to the inventor’s birthday, December 4, 1858, and also to give parade-goers a better chance of warm weather.

Farmington’s 39th annual Chester Greenwood Day in 2015 featured a 5K Run/Walk, chili cookoff, polar bear dip and a performance by clog dancing group InClogNeatO. Each float in the parade sported a pair of earmuffs.

Even if you’ve never heard of Chester Greenwood, he’s probably been keeping your ears warm for years. So perhaps it’s fitting that he has a pair of holidays. Have a happy Ear Muff Day and a happy Chester Greenwood Day, too!

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