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world goth day

May 22 is World Goth Day

Today is World Goth Day, a holiday that celebrates the global influence of the Goth subculture on music, literature and art. Many consider the 1979 release of Bauhaus’ first single, Bela Lugosi’s Dead, to be the genesis of the gothic rock genre, although the word “goth” had been used in a musical context for over than […]

sister maria hummel day

May 21 is Sister Maria Hummel Day

Today is Sister Maria Hummel Day which celebrates the birth in 1909 of Berta Hummel, a German girl whose family recognized and encouraged her developing artistic talent from early childhood. She entered Munich’s Academy of Applied Arts in 1927, at a time when few German women were able to pursue higher education. After graduating in 1931 […]

May Ray Day

May Ray Day

Today is May Ray Day. Its goal is simple. If you look out your window and it’s sunny, go outside and enjoy it. (Common sense tip: If you’re in the middle of a business meeting or driving a car, wait for a more appropriate moment to step outside.) In our research, we were unable to […]

I love reese's day

May 18 is I Love Reese’s Day

Today is I Love Reese’s Day, a celebration of the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter and the visionary who got them together in the first place. In 1917, Harry Burnett Reese (May 24, 1879 – May 16, 1956) took a job on a dairy farm owned by the Hershey Company and later worked in the candy factory […]

national walnut day

May 17 is National Walnut Day

Today is National Walnut Day, created in 1949 by the Walnut Marketing Board. The holiday was affirmed in 1958 by the official proclamation of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Most walnuts come from the Persian or English tree, Juglans regia, originally grown in Asia and now cultivated around the world. The lesser-known eastern black walnut tree, Juglans nigra, […]

National Sea Monkey Day

National Sea Monkey Day

Today is National Sea Monkey Day, also known as Sea-Monkey Day. In 1957, entrepreneur Harold von Braunhut noticed that desiccated brine shrimp were able to survive for extended periods of time in a suspended state known as cryptobiosis. The result was a novelty item called Instant Life that could be reconstituted and grown in water. It […]

national slider day

May 15 is National Slider Day

Today is National Slider Day, created in 2015 by the marketing geniuses at White Castle. It follows NYC Burger Week from May 1-7 and falls squarely in the middle of National Hamburger Month. There’s debate about the origin of the slider. White Castle takes credit but others say it dates to the 1940s when the […]

underground america day

May 14 is Underground America Day

Today is Underground America Day, created in 1974 by architect Malcolm Wells. After designing the RCA Pavilion for the 1964 World’s Fair, which would be torn down only two years later, he came to the conclusion that every structure he built needlessly destroyed that which had previously lived in its footprint. He described his epiphany this […]

national root canal appreciation day

May 11 is National Root Canal Appreciation Day

Today is National Root Canal Appreciation Day, created in 2005 by Wisconsin dentist Chris Kammer. Dr. Kammer became known as “America’s Favorite Rock’n’Roll Dentist” in July 2004 when he performed original rap song “Get Out the Brush” at Madison Mallards collegiate league ballpark, inspiring 5,991 baseball fans to brush their teeth simultaneously. Sadly, that number was surpassed […]

clean up your room day

May 10 is Clean Up Your Room Day

Today is Clean Up Your Room Day. Our research into this so-called holiday has failed to uncover its inventor. We’re willing to bet it was devised by a clean person to pummel a messy one. The concept of “spring cleaning” is nothing new. In the days before electricity, people burned wood for heat and used […]