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make up your own holiday day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays and Herbs. Thomas is an actor perhaps best known for his role as a preacher in 12 Monkeys. Ruth is the proprietor of Wellcat Herbs, selling her own products online and at Pennsylvania Renaissance Faires. Together, they have invented […]

pecan day

March 25 is Pecan Day

Today is Pecan Day, not to be confused with National Pecan Day (April 14) or National Pecan Month (also April). As the only nut tree native to North America, the pecan has been a source of pride since the founding of the United States. The pecan tree was declared the State Tree of Texas in 1906; […]

national chocolate covered raisins day

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Today is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. In 1927, the Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate Company had the brilliant idea of covering dried California grapes with chocolate. It named the results Raisinets and they’ve been a favorite of moviegoers and vending machine gourmands ever since. The formula changed hands several times before being purchased by Nestlé in […]

near miss day

March 23 is Near Miss Day

Today is Near Miss Day. On March 23, 1989, an asteroid passed uncomfortably close to Earth. Asteroids fly by Earth fairly often, with no deleterious effects. If NASA notified us of every space rock in our general vicinity, we’d spend all our time: watching Discovery channel disaster porn about the killer rock that’s probably on […]

cute kitten day

March 23 is Cuddly Kitten Day

Today is Cuddly Kitten Day. We have been unable to locate its creators and can only assume they felt there were not enough photos, videos, books, magazines and websites dedicated to felines already. Perhaps our profile of National Cat Day on October 29th fell short of their expectations, too. A day like this can be very […]

international talk like william shatner day

March 22 is International Talk Like William Shatner Day

Today is International Talk Like William Shatner Day (ITLWSD). In 2009, Maurice LaMarche and Doug VanHorn bumped into each other on Facebook while each was attempting to have March 22nd–Shatner’s birthday—designated as ITLWSD. Though initially sworn enemies locked in a Lazarus-like battle over who’d thought of it first, the men eventually joined forces to promote […]

extraterrestrial abduction day

March 20 is Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

Today is Extraterrestrial Abduction Day. While we have been unable to identify the creator of this holiday, we can report the widespread belief that it was inspired by an Alien Abduction Day festival held on March 20, 2008, in Toronto, Canada. (It was never repeated. Could a mass abduction have caused the festival’s mysterious disappearance?) Here […]

national corndog day

National Corndog Day

National Corndog Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated each year on the first Saturday of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Lauded as a gustatory miracle on par with Jesus’ loaves and fishes, National Corndog Day commemorates the day in 1992 when a box of meat-on-a-stick magically appeared in the freezer of two hungry basketball fans. This eliminated […]

awkward moments

March 18 is Awkward Moments Day

awkward adjective US /ˈɔk·wərd/ 1. difficult to use, do, or deal with: The computer came in a big box that was awkward to carry. 2. causing inconvenience, anxiety, or embarrassment: It was an awkward situation, because the restaurant was too expensive for us but we didn’t want to just get up and walk out. 3. […]

st patrick's day

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the rare religious holiday that everybody celebrates. Everybody. It’s believed he was born in Roman-ruled Britain in 385 AD. At age sixteen, he was kidnapped by marauders who took him to Ireland and sold him into slavery. Several years later, Patrick had a religious experience in which God told him […]