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August 13 is TugFest

Today is the 30th annual TugFest. In 1987, residents of Port Byron, Illinois, and LeClaire, Iowa, decided it would be fun to have a tug-of-war. They didn’t let the fact that the towns are separated by the Mississippi River get in their way.

tugfest 2016

Preparing for the heave-ho on the Iowan side

tugfest 2016

The tradition continues today with 11 teams of 20 tuggers on either side of 2700 feet of rope, vying each year for bragging rights and custody of the trophy, an alabaster statue of an eagle in flight.

Traffic on the Mississippi River is halted for the duration of the competition, which is sponsored by local businesses and benefits kids’ clubs and charities.

Other events taking place this weekend include a parade, food vendors, 5K run, carnival rides on both sides of the river and one big fireworks display on Friday night.

More than 35,000 people are expected to attend this year.Whether you’re participating or just enjoying watching the fun, have a happy TugFest!

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