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Goddard Day

March 16 is Goddard Day

Today is Goddard Day. On March 16, 1926, scientist Robert Goddard successfully launched the first liquid-fueled rocket. In 1915, he had challenged accepted beliefs about propulsion when he theorized that a rocket could produce thrust in the vacuum of space, where there was no air to push against. He was widely ignored and paid for the […]

ides of march

March 15 is the Ides of March

Today is the Ides of March, which marks the date in 44 B.C. that Julius Caesar was assassinated. To learn why it was called the Ides of March, we need to take a look at the Roman calendar in use 2,060 years ago. Days of the year weren’t not numbered sequentially. Instead, each month had […]

chester greenwood day

March 13 is Ear Muff Day

Today is Ear Muff Day, celebrating the date in 1877 when Chester Greenwood was awarded a patent for his “ear-mufflers.” Before long, his hometown of Farmington, Maine became the Earmuff Capital of the World, producing up to 50,000 pairs of Greenwood Champion Ear Protectors each year. One hundred years later, the state of Maine declared December […]

world plumbing day

March 11 is World Plumbing Day

Today is World Plumbing Day, a day of observance established in 2010 by the World Plumbing Council to raise awareness of the vital role plumbers play in our daily lives. We’re willing to bet that everyone must heed nature’s call. (Call it a hunch.) World Toilet Day celebrates the need for clean water and sanitation. Global Handwashing […]

panic day

March 9 is Panic Day

Have you ever wondered how the dinosaurs felt? Now’s your chance: It’s Panic Day! (Save a little for International Panic Day on June 18th!)

March 8 is National Proofreading Day

Why wood ewe knead a proofreader wen yew halve spellcheck? Grammar checkers ken ketch mistakes if there obvious wons. It docent make sense too higher sum one fro that. But then again, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Happy National Proofreading Day!

fun facts about names day

Fun Facts About Names Day

Fun Facts About Names Day is one of the holidays comprising International Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW), always observed during the first full week of March. CYNW was established in 1997 by Jerry Hill to share his interest in onomastics, the study of the origins and usage of proper names. The six other days celebrate Namesake […]

national frozen food day

March 6 is National Frozen Food Day

Today is National Frozen Food Day, which honors the pioneering work of Clarence Birdseye. While living in Canada, he learned from the Inuit how to fish through a hole in the ice. He noticed that the day’s catch froze almost instantly, tasted fresh and didn’t turn to mush like conventional slow-frozen foods when thawed. Convinced […]

st piran's day

March 5 is St. Piran’s Day

Today is St. Piran’s Day, which honors the death of the patron saint of Cornish tin miners. According to legend, Saint Piran was born in Ireland in the fifth century, traveled to Rome to study the scriptures and was made a bishop upon his return. The miracles he performed, such as raising soldiers from the dead, […]

national cold cuts day

March 3 is National Cold Cuts Day

Today is National Cold Cuts Day. Some look at a seemingly wacky holiday and say, “Why?” At Worldwide Weird Holidays, we say, “Why not?” The term “cold cuts” refers to any cooked meat that is thinly sliced, often eaten in a sandwich. According to the Today Food blog, there are three types: Whole cuts are slices […]