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August 18 is Mail Order Catalog Day

Today is Mail Order Catalog Day. On August 18, 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward issued the first mail order catalog of Montgomery Ward & Company of Chicago, Illinois. It was a one-sheet list of 163 items. Several years earlier, while working as a traveling salesman, Ward learned that customers in rural areas lacked access to quality […]

August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Although we’ve been unable to track down the origin of this holiday, we’ve found that the ASPCA celebrates the occasion each year by discounting its adoption fees for black cats and kittens, which it states are less likely to be adopted because of superstition. Black Cats weren’t always considered […]

August 16 is International Wave at Surveillance Day

Today is International Wave at Surveillance Day, created in 2001 by privacy activist Zorbitor to provide “a chance for the watched to reach out to the watchers both at home and in public venues.” First, a little history is in order. Video Surveillance In 1942, the surveillance camera was invented by German engineer Walter Bruch and […]

August 14 is Navajo Code Talkers Day

Today is Navajo Code Talkers Day, a holiday that honors the distinguished record of soldiers who transmitted military messages in the Navajo language during World War II. The Axis powers were unable to break the code, which helped safeguard U.S. military communications and may have hastened the end of the war. In May of 1942, 29 Navajo recruits graduated […]